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What's your favorite George Harrison song

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You like me too much

If I Needed someone

Think For Yourself

I, Me, Mine

Here Comes the Sun

Apple Scruffs

My Sweet Lord

Isn't It A Pity

Only a Northern Song

I Need You

Don't Bother Me

Don't Let Me Wait Too Long


While my guitar...


Didn't he help with "It don't come easy"?

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I forgot to add Wah-Wah... thanks, chutzpah...
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Didn't he help with "It don't come easy"?

From Wikipedia:

Starr reportedly composed the song in 1970. Decades later, he admitted that the song's producerGeorge Harrison "co-wrote" the song (as he did with other hits such as "Photograph"). But controversy still surrounds the assertion that Ringo really wrote the complex and mature song – especially since demo tapes have surfaced where Ringo is absent and the recording is more or less in its final form with Harrison performing the lead vocal.

I never believed Ringo Starr could write such a good song...

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It's just that the guitar parts were all George... very good guitar :guitar: and "It Don't Come Easy" sort of sounds like "Savoy Truffle" parts of it anyway...not a big deal, after all they were friends as well as being in the same band...Osmosis or something

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