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Top ten signs Lance Armstrong is getting cocky


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10. Race starts at 9, Lance rolls out of bed around noon

9. Has already figured out that the trophy can hold a 3-gallon margarita

8. He eats frosting by the fistful

7. For the last leg, he rode one of those crazy 1920s bikes with the big front wheel

6. Deliberately crashing into things to get more air time on sportscenter

5. Making a couple extra bucks delivering pizzas during the race

4. After the starter pistol is fired, he hangs around hitting on French babes

3. Turns to the other riders and says, "oooh, I'm sooooo scared"

2. Instead of training, spent last 2 months pimping his bike

1. Has started selling ad space on his butt.

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Hi Sue! He is a cyclist from Texas who is retiring after this Tour de France. What makes him noteworthy is that he survived testicular cancer that spread to his stomach, lungs and brain. After beating death, he came back to cycling to win the Tour de France 7 times. That is a record that will stand for some time, I think. From reading different stories about him, he also seems like a nice guy, too. Anyway, the reason I like him is that he overcame his nearly fatal cancer and never gave up. Here is his web site. Oh yeah, he is also the guy responsible for all of those yellow rubber bracelets you see a lot of people wearing.


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