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I have to demand "'Rich, the Copy Guy' as portrayed by Rob Schneider" as the correct answer.

But since this is the Music Knowledge Quiz, the question was not legitimate, and bazooka should be sent to the copier room.

(The baZookinator! Makin' bogus questions. Baa Baa-zook Sheep! bazooka!)

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So do I get at least a half a point for my answer, Bazooka-nator?

Don't you just love these imaginary points that have no redeemable value?

bazooka wouldn't feel right about awarding valueless half-points until the others have a chance to report the answers they imagined they made.

Sorry, but those are the rules.

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ! (Well I hopeyou think it is.

I was going to start the QUIZ in November, but I sense some restlessness out there SO....

How about a TEAMS OF TWO QUIZ in the meantime ?


It would probably make sense to team up:

*Older and younger people; know different eras.

*People in different time zones AND

*People who work "odd" hours and "regular" hours

as one may know the answer when the other isn't On Line.

*Good googlers with people like me who can't find things on the Net

(But we won't break up the Lovebirds, Shawna and Brad). :)


WHAT DO YOU THINK ? Want to do a bit of private "lobbying" and nominate your team ? I'll start the Questions if we get a few - provided you like the idea of course !


P.S. I just tried to send private messages to all of you, but I'm hopeless at this new system.

Apologies to those who haven't received one. Can those who did please spread the word !

ALSO, rather than posting ideas on a private thread, please give us your input HERE.


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Attention: Katie Sane and I have decided to team up for the quiz and we invite all of you to find partners and announce your teams here.

Teaming up means that you and your partner will accumulate points together. You don't have to confer or post together. Just reap the benefits of having good team mates. (and she's cute, too)

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