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Ah Brad, we're mentally in tune. Thanks Mate. :)

One quick question. You all know I'm an Elvis freak and devour everything I can read or any TV Documentaries, etc. on him.

Most of you would know that he had a twin brother, Jessie Garon Presley, who was stillborn 35 minutes before Elvis on January 8 1935. Their parents gave Elvis the middle name Aaron to rhyme with Garon.

Anyway, here's a question for you. Another very well known performer, older than Elvis, was also a surviving twin. Elvis became friends with him/her when they met in Las Vegas.

Maybe someone knows this? If you don't, please have a guess (or a google) anyway at who it was. If someone does know it, please go ahead and start another question when you've answered it.

Goodnight All. ;)

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It's turned into anarchy around here. We've got common links questions in this thread, the Jeopardy thread is just like this thread, and Old Fitty is answering questions in his own trivia contest.

I feel like Rachel, but LET'S FOCUS HERE, PEOPLE! Let's post the correct questions in the correct threads.

Thank you,

The Management :grin:

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Hi Peaches. I must have a look at the Jeopardy thread. Of course the Common Links was a spinoff from the original of this thread, so we make no apologies there.

Someone have a go at Brad's question ! :)

Sorry Laurie, I didn't notice you had. You're a beauty. :thumbsup:

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