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OLD 55

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Good you´re back, 55!! :thumbsup: Hope we will able to post pictures soon. otherwise this would be half THE quiz... :D

I have no idea about the happy couple... someone said "Floe and Edie"? That would be the singers of the Turtles, singing "Happy together", Volman-Kaylan...

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Well, I couldn't get in again before. CAN someone else please tell me if I'm doing something wrong so I can post more pictures because......


Pratt & McLain it is. They had a Hit with "Happy Days" in 1976. Heeeeey. :thumbsup:

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Oh edna ! Levis probably didn't realise there is a picture a couple/few pages back. She couldn't think I'd make the questions THAT tough - guess the picture when there isn't one ? I'm going for my Dinner. I'll try to put another Question on soon.


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WHO do these artists have in common, AND WHY ?

Willie Nelson

Engelbert Humperdinck

Frank Sinatra


UPDATED POINTS (Not including Current Question)

edna 51

Laurie 39

Brad 36

jr 29

bazooka, miamisammy 28

katie, Shawna 15

UncleJoe 14

Peaches 9

Diggs 8

bluesboy, HD 4

Kevin, Levis 3


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Hi Katie. Thanks for your message. I haven't figured out how to answer them yet. There's a good TV program on the ABC at 10.10 PM about Country Music's influence on Rock and Roll.

They may have done Cole Porter songs, but I'm after someone else ! :)

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