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Country Song Title and Artist?

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There is a song by Kenny Chesney, called "The Good Stuff" that is similar to what you describe. Here is part of the lyrics:

Well, Me and My lady had our first big fight

So I drove around till I saw the Neon Light

The Corner Bar. It just seemed right so I pulled up.

Not a soul around but the old Barkey down at the end lookin' half asleep but he walked up and said What'll it be? I said the good stuff. He didn't reach around for the whiskey. He didn't pour me a beer. His blue eyes kinda went misty. He said You can't find that here.

Cause its the first long kiss on a second date.

Mommas all worried when u get home late

and droppin the ring in the spaghetti plate

cause ur hands are shakin so much

And Its the way that she looks with the rice in her hair. Eatin burnt suppers the whole first year and askin for seconds to keep her from teerin up...Yeah man thats the good stuff.

He grabbed a carton of milk and he poured a glass. And I smiled and said Ill have some of that.


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