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hey sue, a saffa girl has started working in the clinic where i'm receptionist! she's lovely!!

i saw 'the family stone by accident since i didn't get into 'the producers'. it was very different from what i expected, a lot more poignant. very good but a few things i have question with, such as the convenient tying up of all loose ends at the conclusion. the funniest thing was the nine year old child with her mother behind me saying 'muuuuuum... what's pot?! muuuuum.... who did she sleep with now??!' :laughing:

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Nothing recent has caught my attention, so I try to catch up on the classics or the stuff I should've seen long ago, but didn't get to for some reason or another. I'm definitely gonna check out The Public Enemy (the old Jimmy Cagney movie where he shoves the grafruit on that chick's kisser), The Re-Animator (I can't believe I've missed this!), and The Day The Earth Stood Still (mainly because of the famous Bernard Herrmann score in which he used theremins).

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