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Trek of the Penguins.

A small budgeted film about the 70 mile trek Emporer penguins make every year in Anarctica. I have been reading about it. It's only on 74 screens in America, but, per screen, it is outselling every other summer release. War of the Worlds, Brad Pitt movies, all of them.

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I watched Stella for the first time last night and laughed so hard I think I hurt myself. I have loved those guys (and some of the Reno crew) since their days of The State.

THE STATE? I loved The State! I thought I was the only person to watch that show. I remember the funniest skits were with a character named Doug. Whenever he would leave the room he would say "I'm Doug, and I'm outta heeeeeeeere" in this really weird voice. My husband and I still say that.

C-girl, I swear I love you. Jack, Neil and now The State. You are too much.

I'm Peaches, and I'm outta heeeeeeeerre..... :thumbsup:

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