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Articulate Fool

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Articulate Fool

You, as my friend,

Have the right to ask me my deepest wishes.

My secret thoughts and ponderings,

If you will.

I will tell you.

You really want to know?


I wish...I wish you would write me poetry

Like the love songs and bittersweet verses I write for you

Filling pages and folders with affection.

I wish...I wish you would smile at me more.

The smile that spawns over desks for scientific research,

Where it is just you and I and some vacant souls.

And all your teeth, your pristine teeth show

And the reflection on my face means as much to you as yours does to me.

I wish...I wish you would relax your shoulders

I wish you would feel comfortable and not on edge;

Waiting for something you're not quite sure of.

But are now sure that what you've been waiting for is me,

And there is no need to feel anxious: I'm here.

I wish...I wish you were you and I was me

And that the you that you are loved the me that I am unconditionally.

Apart from the one condition:I never leave you.

And every inch of my skin and body sings and dances,

To a serenade that your love has written.

But maybe that's too much to wish for.

Maybe not if it were not me.

If it were her, oh god, if it were her,

In a split-second those wishes would be granted.

But I'm just an articulate love-sick fool.

One last wish you could find it in your friendship to grant me

Hold me close under these stars,

And wipe away my heart-shaped tears.

Hold me purely as a friend until never,

Where I promise you could love me.

Comments please.


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Marz, as always, your writing speaks volumes. Your heart is not only on your sleeve but it pours out onto the page. I wish you would find someone who would love you back with all that you deserve and crave.

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And all your teeth, your pristine teeth show
This line reminds me of Jared from the Subway commercials. Has anyone ever seen his teeth? They're not only bright, but huge. I swear, they look like chiclets. Anyway, carrion.

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