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New Poems (Thoughts of you, A Reminder, Miss You)


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Hey guys, well I havent posted here in a while...here are 3 of my newest poems for your pleasure of reading...lemme know what ya's think...thanx...


Thoughts of You

Its two A.M. still sleep hasn?t entered my thoughts

I?m still flowing in a river of your thoughts,

Thoughts of how you smile, when I say, ?I love you?,

Thoughts of the day, you said, ?I love you? for the first time,

Thoughts of you fill the mystic night sky,

Thoughts of you flood my mind,

Thoughts of you flow through me,

Like the wind does through the trees

Its four AM and I have forgotten all about sleep,

Only remembering the night I kissed your cheek,

Thinking of the nights we spent in each other?s company

Thinking of you, here in this lonely night

Its 5 A.M, and I sit here watching the sunrise,

Through its beautiful Purple and Orange glow

I can see you within it, like magic you are here,

It reminds me of your beauty, and grace,

It?s connecting me to you, so I don?t feel so alone today

A Reminder

The birds outside my window,

Sing a sweet melody, it?s a reminder

A reminder of how much I miss you,

And how long you?ve been gone for,

The bird sings its sweet melody,

Like the melodies I can remember,

When you would sing out loud,

I have no choice but to sit and listen,

For I am captivated by your voice

Listening to the birds sing,

Reminds me of your angelic voice,

Reminds me of the way you,

Would captivate me with just one note,

I cannot wait for you to return,

The birds seem to only sing happily

When you?re around,

When your not around, the sun doesn?t shine,

The birds sing the saddest songs,

And inside it pours down rain like a hurricane

Miss You

I close my eyes, wishing that tonight,

You would be here by my side,

It seems you?ve been gone an eternity

So tonight, I sit with my eyes closed

I anxiously a wait the time you can be here,

By my side, where I can feel you,

Breath your beautiful breathes of love

Here where I can see you beautiful face,

I wish there was a star to wish upon tonight

So I can feel your love descend upon me

Where I can whisper I love you into your ear,

And I can see you beautiful smile again

I miss you so much, that words cannot describe

I love you, and I wish upon the stars that you,

Will come back to me here tonight, so I can hold you,

Tonight I live in the stars, when you look up to them,

Hopefully you will feel a connection with me tonight

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