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Blink The Star - Below The Sliding Doors


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Okay I remember this song used to be played on the radio... I think it came out maybe around mid 1999 but I'm not sure. Anyway, it has that distinct Ben Folds sound but it might be someone else too. It's kind of depressing sounding in kind of a monotonous voice. I remember bits and pieces of the lyrics... it talked something about "smooth the edges with an iron tong" and something about slidng doors, and something about a star. And at the end they keep repeating "You are the sun (or star)" And there's a lotta "bop ba ba's" in between the verses. Haha someone please help me out... I know I'm not insane. :doh:

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This is what I've come up with...I hope this helps.

Blink The Star - Below The Sliding Doors

Time is up, the money's gone

A windless moon is your only throne

Last walk in the garden

You'd like to think you know no shame

Select a worthy heir to your name

Miss one and it's end of game

We walk under the clouds of a sunny day

Words are on the run anyway

Be safe below the sliding doors of a modern sham

Say the words that we'll never say

Swiss time is on the move

No precision on an icy groove

A valentine in the window

Blow forth and feed your eyes

No incision, she's a satellite

A dull kiss in the morning

This is where we say what's wrong

Smooth the edges of an iron tongue

Persue the list and find the song

The same day we find a place

These pills - never twice the same

Shallow walk in the ocean

I know I'm not insane.

You still might be insane... =:P ::

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