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Sitting Waiting Wishing - Jack Johnson

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I know what you mean.... the video is filmed from end to the beginning, yet all the while the lip synchs, and drum taps that you see in the video are in tune with the song.

I must admit it is an entertaining video.

I found a website that streams the video HERE.


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thanks for the link brian! i just watched it and it's deadly!! it's amazing the things they can do nowadays. i guess what they did recorded him singing the songs, then rewound it. then he copied the way his mouth moved in rewind and when they pressed forward it worked. or maybe they were able to superimpose the lipsychning... hmm interesting! it reminds me of the video to 'no surprises' by radiohead where thom yorke was in an old-style deep sea diver mask/helmet thing and they filled it with water while he lipsynched the words but he had to mouth the words ten times faster so he wouldn't drown and then they slowed it down for the video! cool!

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