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Bonnie and Delaney and More


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My local radio station has been a really cool set of tunes this weekend. They just played one a rarely heard recording made by Bonnie And Delaney, Eric Clapton, Dwayne Allman, and others I can't remember. I missed half of what the DJ was saying about it, and the artists connection. I haven't thought of Bonnie and Delaney for years. I know I could call the radio station... but this is more fun. Anyone know what recording this might be and the story behind it?

It was an excellent song. :thumbsup:

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Bluesy, I knew you would be the one to know. I haven't listened to the Layla album in years, or I would have gotten the song. Thanks for the link too cause it reminded me of what the dj had been saying. Eric Clapton was apparently extremely impressed with Bonnie and Delaney and thier band, and Dwayne Allman, and Whitlock (the one I couldn't remember). They would hang out together and jam and party. Clapton was so impressed with Allman, that was one of the main reasons he formed Derek and the Dominoes, and asked Allman to join them. I don't think he played on Layla though.

Thanks Bluesy!!! ;)

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Delaney & Bonnie had 2 songs that hit the US Hot 100 chart.

Both were in 1971.

One was "Only You Know And I Know". This song was released as by "Delaney & Bonnie".

The other song was released as by "Delaney & Bonnie & Friends." Could this have been the song you heard. It was called "Never Ending Song Of Love".

There were also other songs that they had "friends" sing on. I'm only familiar with the above 2 songs though.

Backing artists (Friends) included, at various times, Leon Russell, Rita Coolidge, Dave Mason, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman and many others.

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