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Pink Floyd Cover of Little wing

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If you found this over the internet, like for instance KaZaA, it's probably credited to the wrong band, most of the mp3's on P2P download networks, like Gnutella, are a sham! They're either incorrectly titled or contain a virus of some sort.

Anyways, this track is probably the Jimi version that's been dubbed on some clip editor & made to sound like a 'drone Roger Waters'

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Gnutella is a real mess... not only the titles are anything but what they´re supposed to be but yes, Kenne, I caught the best of the virus downloading songs this way... :P

I must also say that I could find some gems that are unavailable by now in any record shop...

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Same here, there's rare imports & records no longer released (or the label went out of business) that can only be found with a very inclusive search on the internet, these songs which are usually "Must Haves" by the user, will take them hours to complete the download, on a modem connection.

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