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Television execs have completely lost their minds. Here is a list of some of the reality shows lined up for this summer.

Hell's Kitchen

A celebrity chef tries to discover the next culinary star on Fox's reality show Hell's Kitchen.

The Law Firm

Competing lawyers try to avoid elimination while trying real court cases.

I Want to Be A Hilton

Paris Hilton's mother Kathy teaches less wealthy contestants how to live like a Hilton on this NBC reality show.

The Cut

16 fashion designers compete for a life-changing opportunity on this CBS reality show, hosted by Tommy Hillfiger.

The Real Gilligan's Island

Castaways must work together to get off the island on The Real Gilligan's Island on TBS. Contestants including Angie Everhart compete as characters from the original Gilligan's Island sitcom.

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Veteran music stars compete by performing their hit songs on the NBC summer series Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Tommy Lee Goes to College

42-year-old rocker Tommy Lee enrolls in college for this NBC reality show.

Fire Me...Please

Unlike The Apprentice, this CBS reality show features contestants who WANT to get fired.

Meet Mr. Mom

Dads run the household while moms go on vacation on the NBC reality show Meet Mr. Mom.

Rock Star: INXS

Rockers compete to become the new lead singer of the band INXS on this CBS series from Survivor and Apprentice producer Mark Burnett.

The Scholar

America's best and brightest high school students compete for a full scholarship on the ABC reality show The Scholar.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Seven families compete for a suburban house on the ABC reality show Welcome to the Neighborhood -- and there's a twist.

Brat Camp

Out of control teens are sent to a boot-camp style therapy progam on the ABC reality show Brat Camp.

Average Joe 4: The Joes Strike Back

Average looking guys compete for one gorgeous girl's heart on the NBC reality show Average Joe 4: The Joes Strike Back.

Dancing With the Stars

Professional dancers pair up with celebrities on this dance competition show.

Lord help us all... :doh:

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people who watch reality telli = people who have to much time on the there hands.

though my sister and i bummed out one day/night and watched every single episode of Joe Millionaire (the american version) and we are now sick to death of any sort of reality tv it's so fake. bleh to it all. BLEH

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Peaches, you forgot Beauty and the Geek!!!!

BTW, I watched that "Dancing with the Stars" last night just out of curiosity. For all those of you who actually have a life, here are the "stars" who competed:

Joey McIntyre (from NKOTB fame)

Rachel Hunter (supermodel)

Evander Holyfield (boxer)

Kelly Monaco (soap star)

Trista Sutter (from the first "Bachelorette")

John O'Hurley (J Peterman from Seinfeld)

That line up alone was what piqued my curiosity.....and no, Evander cannot dance.

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i watch some reality tv sometimes but it's a guilty pleasure and i know just how sick it really is! the only ones i've watched though are american idol and the irish equivalent, you're a star, and some of the survival shows. i've seen all but one of the survivor series.

oh and i watched paradise hotel out of sheer morbid fascination, despite having serious moral issue with the concept of the show. same goes for the swan of which i watched the final just to see the(scary!!) 'transformations'. all those women needed was some therapy, a nice haircut, some good make-up tips and a shopping spree with a stylist. then they would have come out as normal attractive people instead of scary plastic clones of one another. the most disturbing thing for me was seeing mothers who left their young children as a perfectly regular human being and returned as a hollywood monster. what kind of message are they giving to their daughters in turn? it's a truly sick show!

i have an addictive personality tho, so if i get hooked on a show, there's no helping me! usually it's something half decent though like sex and the city, desperate housewives and mostly importantly 24!!!

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The only show I admit is well worth watching as far as reality TV goes is "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". This show is a show of good values and moral consciousness. It does not create competition and peoples lives are transformed for the better through the charitable work of the designers, Sears and the homebuilders who come together to get the project done.

I also admit to watching the Apprentice only because I am a Donald Trump fan. Outside of that, reality TV to me has become a wasteland of bad ideas melded into real lives. When I saw some of the shows in the summer schedule, I turned to my gf and told her the execs are really running out of ideas.

Do you all think reality TV is a passing phase or is it here to stay? I thought the infomercial wouldn't last because who in their right mind would watch a half hour commercial over and over again every night? Well I was wrong then because the infomercial celebrated it's 20th anniversary about a month ago. Does reality TV have the same legs the infomercial has proven to have?

Also, if you guys were going to create a reality TV series what would be the premise? Like I said, the ideas have to deplete sooner or later.

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