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This one I have written for a friend, who is goin thru this particular situation....enjoy ppls


I can feel myself heading towards the breakdown

There is nothing I can do to stop this from happening,

I feel so helpless, and I feel so alone

How am I to see through this?

When all I can see are the problems here

So I spend my days,

Looking for a way to see myself through

I can feel the walls crumbling around me,

I am left alone to wonder who will save me,

When everything falls in around me,

I feel I am left with the crumbled remains,

With no one to run to, and no where to go,

I can feel this; I am heading for a breakdown

I want to run away, run and scream,

Scream at the world, scream at the top of my lungs

I wish I could run from all the problems here

So I never have to face them again,

Because I know I?m heading for a breakdown

What I have done, I feel so terrible,

I want you to see that I feel horrible,

I have hit the low in my life,

I am heading for a breakdown

I don?t want to be, but I cannot help it

My life is heading for the breakdown

Where all the walls will cave in

This breakdown will break-in my walls,

crumbling my life around me,

Leaving me with nothing left to show,

Nothing left to show for my life,

Nothing but the scattered remains,

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