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Phil Spector


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Four Women to Testify Phil Spector Pointed Guns at Them

Four women who accused Phil Spector of pointing guns at them will be allowed to testify at the trial of the legendary music producer, who is charged with shooting an actress dead.

The 64-year-old icon has denied accusations he murdered B-movie actress Lana Clarkson in February 2003 as she tried to leave his California home, insisting she committed suicide.

Los Angeles Superior Court judge Larry Paul Fidler ruled Monday the prosecution can call four women to testify he pointed guns at them during separate incidents between 1988 and 1995, because the events were "remarkably similar" to the case against Spector.

But the judge has banned prosecutors from telling the jury about the mogul's two gun-related convictions in 1972 and 1975.

One of the four women, Dorothy Melvin, told closed-door grand jury hearings last year that she became Spector's girlfriend around 1990, but separated from him after she woke up one night to find him pointing a handgun at her car. She claims he turned the firearm on her, then struck her face after accusing her of "snooping" and stealing from him.

Photographer Stephanie Jennings told grand jurors Spector arrived at her hotel room with a gun in 1995, after a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and sat in a chair in front of her door with the weapon on his lap.

The unnamed third woman became Spector's personal assistant in 1988, and claims Spector threatened her with a gun when she arrived late to a dinner date and chased her with an assault rifle on a separate occasion.

A fourth woman alleges he put a gun to her head because she refused to prolong a romantic date with him.

But Spector, referring to himself in the third person, insists, "Mr. Spector never pulled a gun on any of these women, make that very clear."

Spector is free on $1 million bail until his trial resumes this September.

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I think old Phil has always been a nutter. I read a book about John Lennon not long ago and when John was recording his some of his solo stuff, Phil nicked off and disappeared taking the master tapes with him.

The Ramones also have said that Spector threatened them with a gun during the recording of their album 'End Of The Century'.

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