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Well I really dunno what inspired this one...but i do have to say its different from my other songs I have posted here, but its a good enough poem...tell me what you think please....


Tonight, out for a late night tour

Silence blankets the town,

Off in the distance the silence is broken

Mournful cry of a heart-broken teenager

As I continue down this empty street,

I come to a turn and all the feelings rush back

I have been here before, before I made a wrong turn

I took the dark lonely heartbreak avenue

Finally, I avenge my mistake and proceed straight,

A head is a beckon of hope as I approach this one cautiously

I do not want to end up on the wrong street again,

The street I look for is the one-labeled "True Love Blvd"

It feels like I have been driving for an eternity,

I thought i had found it before, but it was a dead end,

I got lost before at Heart-Break Avenue,

And before this night draws to an end,

I hope to be found on True Love Blvd

Pulling over I ask a kindly citizen for direction,

I take his directions down friendship Drive,

Up to sorrows Street, and across Mourns Bridge,

The green of the street sign brings out

A careful smile, I slow up and take it slowly once again

I am unsure if I can take that kindly citizens direction

For maybe he could have been a pessimist in an optimist body,

Could this man just be one out to bring everyone else down?

Let the sign read "True Love Blvd", I have traveled a lifetime

I have traveled a lifetime to find it, but it could all be for not...

Approaching cautiously, a smirk crosses my face,

I can only make out a few letters...but what they read

Brings hope to me, this could be what I have searched for...

I turn my left-hand signal light on, and make the turn,

The turn to travel down True-Love Blvd.

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