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KISS concert last night


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I am one happy KISS fan.

I saw Kiss last night at Olympic Park in Sydney and it was a FANTASTIC show!! They blew me away!! :coolio:

I know that the band only featured two of the original four members, and as Ken would say, I was watching 'diet' Kiss, but it was still awesome. The show was unbelievable. They really are masters of their domain...no one does it better.

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Set List:

King of the Nightime World


Makin Love

I Love It Loud

Christine Sixteen

Tears Are Falling

War Marchine

Lick It Up

Dr Love

I Want You

100,000 Years


Shout It Out Loud (with Symphony)

Love Gun (with Symphony)

I Was Made For Lovin You (with Symphony)

Detroit Rock City (with Symphony)

God Gave Rock and Roll To You II

Rock And Roll All Nite (with Symphony)

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Katie, I am so glad you enjoyed the show. Even running on 2 out of 4 cyclinders, they'll blow away any other rock act out there. I so wish you could have seen Frehley and Criss with them. It's............. different, somehow. The chemistry is different. I am surprised they opened with "King Of The Nighttime World". "Deuce" is such a powerful opening number. The inclusion of the 'newer' material is an offense (to me, and prolly any other red-blooded Kiss fan), but they are appeasing fans of all incarnations of Kiss. Katie, all I have to ask is....... how's yer ears?



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I wish I coulda seen Peter Criss and Ace Frehley with Kiss too!! My fave movie, "Detroit Rock City" about four teenagers and their quest to see Kiss is set in 1978 and features Ace and Peter in the concert at the end. The original is always the best, no doubts about that, but Gene and Paul have still got it!!! Gene is actually the same age as my dad!!!!!

My ears were ringing after the concert!! We all were sorta part-deaf, but it didn't matter one tiny tiny bit. We had such a mad time, words can not describe the thrill of going to a Kiss concert. It's more of a sepctacle than a concert. They go to so much trouble to make their shows memorable for their audiences. I heard whisperings about Kiss being back in Australia in December for "KISSMAS". If true I will be sure to catch them again!! Rock On!!!


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Katie ~ now theres something very serious that I need to ask you.

Was Gene as gorgeous as ever?

Foxy are you serious!!! While Gene was in Australia he managed to offend an inordinate number of people. At an interview by one of Australia's biggest radio stations, Gene tried to push the female dj's head between his legs. When he was unsuccessful in this he decided to grab her chest instead. He also managed to offend religious groups with comments about muslim culture, and make vulgar comments to several Australian women. There was also a storm-in-a-teacup about one of the two bands that opened for KISS. The one in question is a local band with an interesting name, Machine Gun Fellatio. Apparently some people had taken their 6 and 7 year old kids to see KISS and were offended by the first act. So dumb. Why were they taking their 6 and 7 year old kids to see KISS anyways? The Wiggles they ain't.

So, he made quite an impact on his 2004 tour down under. All things aside, he is great. Nothing he could do would ruin my love for KISS.

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