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An embarrassment of riches


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Talk about from the sublime to the ridiculous. Other than Motley Crue and Velvet Revolver, no bands of note have played in Calgary since last summer's folk and blues festivals. Now in the space of 3 weeks, tickets have gone on sale for three awsome concerts. In October, The Rolling Stones are making their first appearance in Calgary. Unfortunately, tickets sold out in 15 minutes and I was not one of those fortunate enough to obtain one. Since the concert is being held in the Calgary Saddledome (the home of the Calgary Flames), Flames season ticket holders got first crack at concert tickets and bought up most of them in advance.

Carlos Santana is coming to Calgary in September. Tickets for this concert sold out in 30 minutes, and again I was unsuccessful in obtaining one. Too bad! I would give my eye teeth to see this guitar master live on stage (as opposed to dead on stage).

I did however, manage to get tickets to the Doors concert in July. Prices were very reasonable; all tickets were priced at 32.50 CAD. Appearing with the Doors are The Pat Travers Band and the original members of Vanilla Fudge. Apparently, Ian Astbury(of the Cult??)is handling the lead vocalist duties for the Doors. Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger are on board and two musicians with whom I'm not familiar are rounding out the fivesome. Even though I was not a huge fan of the Doors, I'm really looking forward to this concert. I will check online to see if I can find a complete concert schedule.

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