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Gothic Songs


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Hey, this is my first post.

In relation to discussion on The Cure (who I am absolutely nuts about, lol)... Darkwave ay? maybe so, I think the term "goth" is more of a broad description that can be used for a lot of things, and perhaps darkwave is a sub-genre. The Cure have some pretty dark albums (faith, pornography and disintegration), these records are all amazingly dark. They also have a very poppy side. Both sides of the Cure are wonderful. Joy division, particularly the album "Closer" is considered the most depressing album ever made (arguably, along with pornography) Both these bands definitely have a gothic sort of style to them as well. Other than that there's more gimmicky sort of goth (marilyn manson...though he's still great, Nine inch nails etc) but then there are your extremes in such genre's such as death metal.

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well I am into some goth rock I don't know if you think they are goth but they are knewer stuff alot of them and it is said to be goth

switchblade symphony


Death in June


Joy divsion

Siouxsie and the Banshees

The Cure ( i don't think they are very goth) :rockon:

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In the medieval time it was not only music but all other forms of art. Mostly Architecture like Notre Dame or various other cathedrals. Look out people who are now goths because they were used for religious reasons which now please correct me if i am wrong the lifestyle is completly secular and anti religous this makes no sense:googly: why become a goth:thumbsdown:? and not a viz-goth:coolio:?

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