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fav guitar solo or rift


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Since most of my picks have already been mentioned, I had to think on this.Strangely enough since my tastes normally run to Jimi, hard rock guitar, and blues, I think the banjo-like playing of Lindsay Buckingham is/was very underrated. Say You Will is phenominal.

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whats yours? mine would be zappa's "watermelon in easter hay" followed by pink floyds "comtably numb" on the live at knebworth set then thin lizzy's "whiskey in the jar"

guitar solo= the solo in "Feels So Good"-Chuck Mangione

guitar riff= opening riff in "Keep On Rockin In the Free World" - Neil Young AND opening riff in "Gimme Some Lovin"-Spencer Davis Group

keyboard/synth riff= opening riff in "Superstition"- Stevie Wonder

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UFO Rock Bottom riff....Schenker at his best and a damned site more difficult to play than it sounds.

Even harder (ie I can't do it :)) Satch Boogie riff by Satriani.

For 'composed' solo that is brief, melodic and to the point with a bit of viruosity thrown in I would also go with The Eric Bell solo for Whiskey in the Jar by Thin Lizzy....and anyone who even suggest that Metallica's version deserves to even reside on the same planet may rot forever in a dungheap of their own bad taste, foul ignorant heathens that they are ::


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mark knopler - wow! i love the sultans of swing!!

gary moore, wanker but great guitarist and played some great solos! i also love how on so many thin lizzy songs, the guitarists play the same solo, but a third apart!

the riff in bigmouth strikes again by the smiths makes me happy!

so many others, most of my favourites have alreayd been mentioned!! :)

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