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fav guitar solo or rift


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In no particular order:

The solo at the end of Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

The middle and end solos in "King of Hollywood"- The Eagles

The solo at the end of "The Bluest Blues" - Alvin Lee

The middle and end solos in "Rama Lama Man" - David Lindley

Just about any solo by Mark Knopfler. The man is a brilliant player.

The solos in "Gene and Eddie"- Brian Setzer

The extended solo in "Like A Hurricane" - Neil Young


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The riff from 'Layla' by Derek & The Dominos is the best ever in my opinion :thumbsup: Other great ones are from 'You Really Got Me' by The Kinks, 'Rebel Rebel' by David Bowie and that riff at the start of 'Revolution' by The Beatles.

I think that Cream have some great solos in their songs.

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Impossible task for me...I love so many:

Intro to Layla, Moonage Daydream end solo by Mick Ronson, Sunshine of Your Love solo Clapton, Intro of Red House by Jimi, Heartbreaker by Page, Brighton Rock solo by May...it's endless..Motherless Children riff by Clapton, Mick Ralphs on Bad Co's Feel Like Making Love....

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Off the top of my head..

Best Riffs...

And Your Bird Can Sing-The Beatles..gotta love those chords

Love You To-The Beatles...sitar=awesome

Walk This Way-Aerosmith

Dream On-Aerosmith

Sweet Emotion-Aerosmith

Back In Black-Ac/Dc


Whole Lotta Rosie-Ac/Dc

Iron Man-Black Sabbath

Clash City Rockers-The Clash

Wayyyy too many Led Zepp, Hendrix, Stones riffs to name...

Here are just a few of my favorite solos...


Sympathy For The Devil-The Stones

Machine Gun-Hendrix

Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd

Time-Pink Floyd

Eruption-Van Halen

Stairway To Heaven-Led Zeppelin

Since I've Been Loving You-Led Zeppelin

Heartbreaker-Led Zeppelin

:guitar: :guitar:

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All the Aerosmith licks you put in suck. Aerosmith sucks. They base their entire song off of one lick and a sh.itload of meaningless lyrics.

You could say that about Ac/Dc, Van Halen etc.

You can't base a band on how good they are on just their lyrics, remember you're listening to music not reading a book. Not all bands are supposed to be "philispohical" like Pink Floyd, U2, Bruce Springsteen etc are.

It's also irrelevant to bring up lyrics while talking about guiar playing, so I'll comment on what you said about the "one lick thing". I'm not basing what I said on how good the riffs are, for instance I like the riff to "Walk This Way" because I think it's just a cool riff. Not because of how technical it is or how fast it's being played.

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