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"Life In Mono" by Mono and Rialto's "Monday Morning 5:19" have a similar sound to them.

Speaking of the Scorps. I can't help thinking that their lead singer sounds like the guy from Real Life of "Send Me An Angel" fame - that coulda easily been a Scorpion's hit :headphones:

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I used to have a few of these stored away, but they have all slipped my mind. I did hear a Stones song on the radio the other day, I forget the name, It was Goodbye something... But it sounded at times a lot like Goodbye Blue Sky, they even said Goodbye at the right time. Goodbye Ruby Tuesday!! That was it. But yeah, I forget all the other songs that sounded alike. There is one by The Edgar Winter Group, on They Only Come Out At Night that sounds like another song by some other band. The titles of both songs escape me. The only other songs that sound the same that I can think of is rap. All rap.

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