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Rush - Red Barchetta

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Red Barchetta - Songfacts


Red Barchetta

The first car to leave the Maranello factory in 1947 was a red, V12-engined barchetta. From the beggining it was designed as a racing car and it went on to win at its second outing ? the Grand Prix of Rome. Alongside the racing cars development continued apace for a road-going version. This is how the 166 MM ? the first Ferrari to win the Le Mans 24 Hours and also see use as a high-performance, road-going two-seater - was created. The history of the V12 front-engined Ferraris started here

My uncle has a country place,

that no one knows about.

He says it used to be a farm

before the Motor Law.

And on Sundays, I elude the "Eyes"

and hop the turbine freight -

to far outside the wire

where my white-haired uncle waits.

Jump to the ground as the turbo slows to cross the borderline.

Run like the wind as excitement shivers up and down my spine.

Down in his barn, my uncle preserved for me an old machine - for 50 odd years. To keep it as new has been his dearest dream.

I strip away the old debris

that hides the shining car.

a brilliant red Barchetta from a

better vanished time.

Fire up the willing engine,

responding with a roar!

Tires spitting gravel I commit

my weekly crime.

Wind in my hair, shifting and drifting.

-- mechanical music,

-- adrenalin surge.....

Well weathered leather, hot metal and oil, the scented country air.

Sunlight on chrome, the blur of the landscape, every nerve aware!

Suddenly ahead of me,

across the mountain side,

a gleaming alloy air car shoots towards

me two lanes wide.

I spin around with shrieking tires

to run the deadly race;

go screaming through the valley as

another joins the chase.

Drive like the wind, straining the limits of machine and man.

Laughing out loud with fear and hope, I've got a desperate plan.

At the one lane bridge I leave the giants stranded at the riverside.

Race back to the farm to dream with my uncle at the fireside.

One of my very favorite Rush songs!! Brings back some awesome memories!!!


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