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The most under rated films

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Dazed and Confused

Not enough people get this film!

Dazed and Confused was a great movie. It was my teen years wrapped up into 6 reels of film. I was a teen during the same years the movie takes place and whatever the kids did in the movie, i.e. hanging out in the parks and getting stoned, etc. brought back so many memories when I saw it almost 15 years ago.

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I'm not sure if these are the most underated films, but I think they are kind of underated. A lot of the critics slammed "Secret Window" which was a psychological thriller starring Johnny Depp that came out a few years ago. I liked it, even though the critics didn't. The critics did not like "Napoleon Dynamite" because it didn't have much of a plot, and lots of people didn't like it because they thought it was a bunch of hype, but I think it is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. As for it's lack of plot, one, that doesn't hurt a movie this hilarious, and two, its lack of plot is an important part of this film. It shows how Napoleon's life seems mundane, but it's actually really entertaining. Another movie critics hate is Billy Madison, most of them think it's too juvenile to be considered a great movie, but I think that it will someday become a comedy classic. Sure it's brainless, sure it's juvenile, but it does it in such a hilarious way. Let me put it this way, when Caddyshack came out, I'll bet a lot of critics said it was juvenile, but look at it now! It's a comedy classic.

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what are they about? Are they comedies?

Two of the funniest comedies you'll ever see! "Yellowbeard" stars much of the cast of Monty Python, plus Cheech and Chong, Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, Madeline Kahn, Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman.

"Night Patrol" stars the Unknown Comic as a cop who moonlights as...well, the Unknown Comic. It features Pat Paulsen, Linda Blair, and a young Andrew Dice Clay.

If you like the wacky comedies, these are two you HAVE TO SEE!!

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