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This one was written about my Girlfriend and how time is passing so slowly until I get to see her again, and how much I miss her, Enjoy, and plz gimme some feedback, thanx

Tomorrows Fate

What was that, did my heart just skip a beat?

Seems you?ve been gone for an eternity

To be close to you, time, I must defeat

It will be you and me; serenity

Hours from tomorrow, yet it?s far away

Laying here I feel that today will not end,

Alone tonight, tomorrow?s fateful day

Today drags on like a bad cut on the mend

This whole world is growing so dark and cold

Time is passing by so painfully slow

You?re the one who can make this anguish fold

I want dawn to come, and this day to go,

Once the world fades away, and it?s you and I,

We?ll have time to watch the world pass by

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