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Songs About Rainbows....

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first one that sprung to my mind is 'blinded by rainbow's by the stones.....great track "do you sleep at night - i doubt it"

Another of my favorites, and yes, what a great line.

Those would be my favorite Rock songs, but Somewhere Over The Rainbow is my all time favorite!! ::

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Whats your favorite song(s) about Rainbows?

I know mine is definitely Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog...i know it seems childish, but if you really listen to that song, its pretty deep.


Another Paul Williams song. Some may make you gag but it's amazing how many memorable hits that little guy has written.

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Here's something so obscure that not even the normally astute Mountain Apple Company has allowed to fade into memory:

"Where I Live There Are Rainbows" performed by The Brothers Cazimero way back in the 1980's. (I think it's about Manoa Valley, where rainbows are a by product of daily drizzles/rain.) :sleepy:

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