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Covers done better than the originals


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I like the Bananarama version (and film clip) because the girls are obviously having so much fun ! They're sending it up and having the times of their lives doing it.

They featured it in their live act for years before they convinced Stock, Aitken, Waterman to record it. It was #1 in Australia for 7 weeks and the kids and I used to wait for the Clip each week.

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Despite being a dour and humourless "post-punk /indie kid" in the eighties, I really liked Bananarama, even after SAW became involved. They put out some really great singles.

They were unpretentious: a genuine case of a bunch of mates getting together to form a band.They weren't exactly brimming with talent, though they did write quite alot of their own material. They were "natural"- not groomed for stardom on account of their stunning looks (like so many all-girl / all-boy bands...). Not such "manufactured pop" as many would imagine

Many aren't aware that the 'Nanas were quite heavily influenced by The Sex Pistols: they used to hang out with (some of) them. Apparently, Pistols guitarist Steve Jones encouraged them to make a go of their embryonic band: he also produced their first single "Aie A Mwana" (or something like that). This was never a hit, so doesn't feature on any of their "Best Of ..." compilations.

Forgive me if I've said all this stuff before. I may be having a deja vu...

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I suppose to stick with the thread, I should have commented on their cover versions...

I prefer their version of Venus to the one by Shocking Blue, though I have to say that singer up there is foxy :googly:

... (We're still allowed to say "foxy", yeah?)

Bananarama were good at covers, because they always added their own ingredients to the originals: Really Saying Something, Nathan Jones, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye. These were all decent covers in my book.

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Despite being a dour and humourless "post-punk /indie kid" in the eighties, I really liked Bananarama,

After reading your posts, it´s really hard to imagine you as a "dour and humourless kid" ever. ;)

I was one of those who were unaware of the influence of The Pistols in Bananarama. I´m really surprised! I can´t stand that "electro-disco-pop" style anyway. Too modern for me!

Mariska is really foxy. That´s the most precise word, even if it is not allowed!

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A song that got better every time it was covered:

I Fought The Law.

First, The Chirping Crickets. Pretty good. Then, the Bobby Fuller Four. Very nice. Then, The Clash brought a heavier version to the table. Then some other small time bands, then Green Day did a pretty good job.

I feel that though Green Day did a good job on that, they should have stayed away from the sacred "My Generation."

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