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Covers done better than the originals


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While there are always good new songs written, the practice of covering "oldies" has always existed. I remember listening to songs in the late 1950s and my Mother would say to me, "you should have heard the original from 1930 something". I'd think "geez, did they have music back then ?"

I just thought of this when I saw a couple of posts by friends today about a Phil Collins' cover of "Groovy Kind Of Love", originally by Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders. That one doesn't qualify I don't think.


Here's some Covers which I believe are better than the Originals.

I'm sure you'll be able to think of many others.


Unchained Melody / The Righteous Brothers 1965 & 1990. Originally recorded in 1955 by Les Baxter, Al Hibbler, Roy Hamilton, Jimmy Young and others.

With A Little Help From My Friends / Joe Cocker 1968. Original The Beatles 1967.

Venus / Bananarama 1986. Original Shocking Blue 1970.


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Who Do You Love? - George Thorogood cover (Bo Diddley)

You Don't Know Me - Both Ray Charles and Ricky Nelson covers (Eddy Arnold)

Not Fade Away - Rolling Stones cover (Buddy Holly)

Done Somebody Wrong - Allman Bros cover (Elmore James)

Wild Horses - Old & in the Way cover (Rolling Stones)

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The Byrds' Mister Tambourine Man and Manfred Mann's Mighty Quinn. They're better than Bob Dylan's originals.

Anything originally written by Dylan and recorded by others is better than the original Dylan version. For example, "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix kicks the original Dylan version's butt any day!

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Dylan Purists wouldn't agree, but I do. I'm not crazy about him as a singer, but he's one of the all time great songwriters.

Just the opposite with Simon & Garfunkel. I believe their versions of Paul Simon penned songs were better than any covers, except one:

The Bangles version of "Hazy Shade Of Winter".

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This Flight Tonight by Nazareth over Joni Mitchell's original.

The rendition of the song Woodstock by Matthews Southern Comfort over either Joni Mitchell's version or CSNY's version.

From the above, one might assume that I don't like Joni Mitchell. Not true. She's awesome!!

Eric Clapton's version of I Shot The Sheriff over Bob Marley's original.

:happybanana: :happybanana:

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