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Postcards from home.


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I thought it would be fun to post photos of local landmarks from where we are all from.

Here's my kick at it. This is the Ambassador Bridge, connecting Windsor, Ontario, Canada, to Detroit Michigan.


(Canada is on the right. My home is 15 minutes from here.)


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What I see many morning on my way to work (that last 23 years)

052_mod.jpg I also have a picture of her in mi living room - she's awesome!!

Where we were last weekend! 100 miles east of home.


Where I work, 20 mile south of home.


Where I like to go play - 150 miles east north east of home


Where I spent my honeymoon - they call her the Niagra of the west


Oh my other playground, nestled in the alpine hills a small Bavarian village that offers great beer, wonderful views, river rafting, fishing and Oktoberfest that brings German to me - 110 miles east of home


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I remember when I had dial-up.

Don't laugh, there are still die hard dial up 'old timers' out there. It doesnt make sense to pay more money for a faster connection if you dont spend that much time on the net.

I am a recent high speed surfer-resisted at all costs-now I know I can NEVER ever go back to dial up. My brother has dial up and when I use his computer, it seriously makes my head hurt!!! ::

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One of the seven natural wonders of the world, any photo will not do justice to Natural Bridge.

The area around this site has provided me with some of the best camping and conversations with villagers (Monacans). In this photo the Blue Ridge mountains cannot be seen nor the peaceful, nature loving Monocans. It was they that taught me the age old art of canoe construction.


And yes, the Blue Ridge foot hills compared to Mike's skyscrapers. :laughing:

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Well, this picture really bites, but it totally depicts one FABULOUS YEAR in my life. You see I have always been one to avoid city crowds, traffic, and congestion. So what did I do once I moved up to God's Country? I moved into a little high rise tower in the middle of DOWNTOWN Portland! I wanted to experience the URBAN life, and, while Portland is no Vienna, Frankfurt, or London, I must say, I totally loved the experience!


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3 little words (with 1 big price tag): THE BIG DIG


"Where Everybody Knows Your Name"


The "Green Monster" & "The Citgo Sign"


An Aerial View with "The Common"


Faneuil Hall Market Place


Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel


Horse & Carriage Rides


Swan Boat Rides


Greetings from Harvard


Stroll the "Public Gardens"


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Eden Project Biomes


Inside the Tropical Biomes


Below is the local Trevithick Day, celebrating Richard Trevithick who invented the steam engine and was born in Camborne, the small town I live in. It's billed as the largest urban steam event in the world as hundred of steam engines travel to the town to celebrate!!


This is the Minack Theatre. Rowena Cade singlehandedly carved this entire theatre and all the seats (which are in another photo just below) in a curve in the cliffs overlooking the ocean



Click the link just to see how amazing this theatre really is MINACK THEATRE

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