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Silhouetted on the white brick wall

Through green and purple lights

If darkness can be beautiful

I know this is it's night.

Under my breath I whisper

I love her so much

So glad that she's close to me

So glad to feel her touch

There are other people all around

Dancing without a care

But our shadow is the strongest

At least I am aware

Under My Breath I Whisper

I Love Her So Much

So Glad That She's Close To Me

So Glad To Feel Her Touch

As I look at other people

I wonder if they feel this way

I turn my head back to you now

Undescribeable feelings come together

In Our Silhouette

There's another for Sara. Yes edna that was the one :P.

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I'd love to receive this type of writing inside a card at the most random time....no special occasion, just totally by surprise.

She'll be eating out of the palm of your hand ::

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