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Portlands Rose Festival music headliners announced

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Portland Rose Festival Concert Series June 4-13. Among the headliners are Dave Mason (2004 Rock and Roll of Fame inductee), Violent Femmes, The Presidents of the USA, Andy Griggs, The Katinas, Carmen Jara, Pinmonkey, Amanda Perez, and, the Ying Yang Twins.

Those are just the headliners. Keep checking the link for the full schedule, as there will be more great talent added along the way (hopefully Bart Ferguson will return this year too). If you haven?t been to the Rose Festival yet, this is a two+ month long celebration with a variety of events: parades, music, fireworks, amusement rides, and, of course, the ten day long concert series. The main stage is out in the open clean fresh air. Seating is obviously first come first served. It only costs $5 per person per day to enter. All in all, if your in the neighborhood, stop by an have lots of fun!! :jester: :: :jester:

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