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organ donor - DJ Shadow

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Uwkay, this song has been playing in my head all week..

It's an older song, with no lyrics (not that I can remember) and it's played with.. like keybords or zo.. Its' title is something with 'fly' in or so.. I'm sorry.. This isn't very clear, is it?

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Maud, have you been drinking?

Can you narrow it down to a decade? Was it on the radio? Is it uptempo, or mello?

Come on Maud, get in the game!!!


The first two 'older' instrumentals that popped into my head were:

Frankenstien~ Edgar Winter Group

Classical Gas ~ Mason Williams.

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Try to download "Flying" by the Beatles, or maybe someone you know has Magical Mystery Tour, it´s there. It has no lyrics but you can hear them sing "Nananananaaaa" over the synthethizer or piano or organ, I don´t remember now...

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How about "Gonna Fly Now", the theme from "Rocky", by Bill Conte (or something like that). Or does that song actually have a few words in it?

I preferred Maynard Ferguson's version myself?

How about "Beatnik Fly" by Johnny & the Hurricanes?

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Hi Maud...

This is just a thought...but is it possible that the song you're looking for is "Fly" by Celine Dion?

If not, I hope you find it! Believe me, I know how aggravating it is to not be able to place or find a specific song...especially with not much to go on.

Good Luck!


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