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Acoustic guitar solo's


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I knew that would stir Tenacious P. :P

The funny thing is Peachy, when I first saw your avatar I thought it was a lousy Elvis impersonator. :laughing:

But then I saw your SN and it clicked.

Edit- OK, with the new avatar addition, Peachy, my above statements will surely confuse newcomers. (lol)

Edit II- Holy cow, by the time I edited the first time another addition has been made. I haven't seen so many changes since a Cher performance. (lmao)

I apologize for the confusion! My original avatar was Jack Black in an odd Elvis-like outfit. I didn't realize that people would think it was me, or that I had a thing for fat Elvis. So I decided to change it. I figured since half of my name is Peaches, I would have a peach picture. But that's no fun, so I changed to a picture of Jack Black & Kyle Gass from Tenacious D. I shouldn't have been neglecting Kyle anyway!

Poor Muzik...you must have thought you were going crazy! :stars:

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Poor Muzik...you must have thought you were going crazy! :stars:

Thought? :laughing:

That realization came upon me long ago!

But you see, I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it!

Now, my next thought is whether or not Peachy has found the right avatar for her charming self. ::

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Sonic Death Monkey, laughing so hard I can't type, "you wouldn't know any of my influences, they are mostly German". Those skate kids that they did the record release party for. Are they real or just some band in the movie?

"Do we look like the kind of store that would have 'I just called to say I love you', go to the mall." classic stuff

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My opinion is the original black and white was the one all the others followed.

I have the one you describe, Return of the Living Dead:

"The cadaver, the cadaver!!!"

"How do we kill something already dead?"


"Send more cops!"

That movie never fails to make me laugh. But, if a horror movie makes me laugh then to me it's not a horror movie.

A great satire and I love the video but IMO not even close to the grainy, black and white, wonderful surprise ending of that first one.

"There's another one for the fire."

Wild how taste differs. The mind...a wonderful thing to taste!

Edit- Holy Toledo Mudhen! How in the video world did I go from favorite acoustic guitar solos to eating brains? :stars:

Another solo, Earl Klugh's wonderful instrumental acoustic version of Heard It Through the Grapevine.

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I have the albums Wish You Were Here, The Wall, and Darkside of the Moon. The song Wish You Were Here does have a good acoustic sound but really no solo. On one of David Gilmour's solo albums, he plays Comfortably Numb on acoustic guitar. There is an amazing acoustic solo Gilmour plays in this song.

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TIM REYNOLDS - Arguably the greatest acoustic guitarist I've ever heard. Pretty much just listen to the Live at Luther College album with Dave Matthews and him, especially "Tripping Billies"; "Ants Marching"; "Seek Up" There is of course also all of his solo work. "Stream" is basically a guitar solo with no rhythm guitarist and therefore rhythm guitar mixed into it. Stream is on Live at Luther College. Also listen to "Turn It Into Love" and "Kundalini Bonfire"

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