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Nick Mason on the radio

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Nick Mason was on the classic rock station in New York City this morning. He either got up really early or stayed out really late, because he was being interviewed when i got in my car at 7. I missed most of the interview, but the question I heard was about Pink Floyd tours in the future and what music might be played. To paraphrase, Mason said "We go out there to put on the best show for our fans. However, it is what we feel is the best music at that time, not what the fans necessarily want to hear. that might even mean solo members performing instead of the band."

I'm not sure what that was in reference to, but it was an interesting comment.

He'll be doing book signings next week in NY and NJ for a new biograohy of Pink Floyd. He will also DJ the lunch hour on tuesday at the radio station.

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Where in NY?!

According to THIS SITE he will do a book signing on April 19th.


Nick Mason, one of the members of Pink Floyd and author of Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd. 7:00 PM. Barnes & Noble Union Square, 33 East 17th St. 212.253.0810.

Here is another link for various locations, including Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Ridgewood, NJ. LINK

I think I heard the same interview on our local classic radio as well. I couldn't listen to the whole thing so I don't know who they interviewed.

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