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hehe... this screen name is more obvious than most of my other ones for different sites (like "frozen tiger tears" on fictionpress) Fictionpress page! lol

My name is Kayla, and friends call me kaylers....

and I happen to like the number 50 cuz it was my crushs bball number a while back.... ;)

but its not too bad :afro: If everything seems under control, you're just not moving fast enough!

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you sure did foxy, it was one of the questions in that survey started by rogerwaters. mine is cos i wanted to change it but i couldn't come up with anything. so i was looking around my room and i saw a photo of me and my best girls as 'soulgirls' for the production of jesus christ superstar we were in. that's where we all became best friends and being involved in the show changed my life! also i like the way the name has multiple meanings, i like soul music and it refers to a person's soul as well. oh yeah, and i'm a girl! :P

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Classic rock is like crack for me. I just can't get enough and I spend too much money acquiring it. I wake up with cold sweats in the morning until I get my fill for the day. I shoot it up listening to my CD's and then blow a couple lines afterward while trying to remember the words. So roll it all up in a big fat one for me and you get the greatest music ever made!

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This is an interesting thread! Ok, so mine's very girly, I know and I hate that part of it, but I started using it as a kid and just got stuck...

Anyway, I had these two girlfriends and we were inseparable. One day when we were sleeping over at one of their houses, her dad said that we're like 3 ducks (don't ask me why ::) His daughter was the lazy duck, I can't even remember what the other girl was :o and I was crowned baby duck ...

And so I have remained til this day ... :: I added the 85 cuz it's my year and hotmail already had a babyduck ::

What a fun story... :P

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