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Classic Rock Reincarnated

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No, I mean the song that's like 8 minutes long and it's a story told over music about this guy who's girlfriend moves away for the summer, so he mails himself to her, long story short they can't open the box and it's a bloody mess. It's on White Light/ White Heat.

Oh, I see... that Waldo something... it´s a weird... song? VU made really great songs but they also did some strange things like "European son" or "Black Angel´s Death Song"... "I heard her call my name"... very avant-garde and all so, but I remember each time we listened to VU records we had to get up and skip one track... :doh: and let the next, and then again and so on...

I finally decided to record the songs on tapes just in case I wanted to listen...

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"I think some of these bands play music along the same lines as what was being played in the 70's.

- Counting Crows

- John Mayer

- The Wallflowers

- Oasis

- 3 Doors Down

- Black Crowes

- Dave Matthews Band

Now figuring out their influences could be difficult since they probably have many."

Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, and Wallflowers and all the softer lyrical 90s artists seem to have roots heavily steeped in the music coming out of New York in the early to mid 60s.

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I'm sorry, i don't know much about the ramones, but why do you think it's just the ramones that have influenced bands like greenday? what about other punk bands like the clash, the sex pistols?

I am a massive Green Day fan and they were most definitely heavily influenced by The Ramones, they are on the "We're a Happy Family" tribute album and play many songs by them at gigs, etc. The Offspring are also on this album and so are Rancid.

I have a friend who is a massive Rancid fan and he has informed me that Rancid were heavily influenced by The Clash.


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I think the Ramones were geared more towards live performances than album or singles sales. Their music sounded like a rawer more agressive version of early rock'n roll. 90s bands like Green Day and the Offspring evoke the 'skater' youth culture of California, rather than the rough New York underground of bands like the Ramones.

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PaulEdwardWagemann, if you ever bother, read this entire thread...

... stick around & you might actually learn something.

The reason why I brought this topic back up is because it's very informative & pays homage to the true roots behind the essence & sense of being of the body [Music]

All posts were critical by means of comparison & somewhat opinionated on a few, yet educational, witty, & derrived from the facts at the same time.

Anyways, IMO the best thread on the Classics forum.

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