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Fire at Ozzy's crib in Londaon

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some more info....

Osbournes Home Ravaged by Fire

Rock couple Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne were forced to run for their lives on Friday when a devastating fire ripped through their English mansion.

The reality TV pair was relaxing upstairs when the smoke alarm rang out, warning them of the inferno engulfing the wood paneling of their living room walls.

The blaze adds to a list of disasters suffered by the family in recent months - in November burglars broke into the same Buckinghamshire home and stole jewelry worth in excess of $3.8 million, and in February their son Jack had designer watches and jewels stolen from his luggage before he boarded a plane to Britain.

Stunned Sharon says, "I am beginning to wonder when this bad luck is ever going to stop. What else is going to happen to us? I was lying with Ozzy in his room, having a nice cuddle and watching TV. The fire alarm went off so we had a check but we couldn't see anything. We reset it and lay back down for another cuddle."

"Within minutes it had gone off again. We went into the living room and saw smoke coming from behind the wood paneling. We could see great big flames leaping up. We thought, 'S**t,' and made a run for it. We were hysterical."

"The room was destroyed. They think it was probably faulty electrics."

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