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It was "I Can't Fight This Feeling", but, through my awesome psychic powers, I transfered that song to Ray's head--good luck with that, sucka!

Now it's ~

"Call on Me" ~ Janis

great! after reading your post i've now got "take on me" by aha stuck in my head! thanks!

but i have had "head like a hole" by NIN stuck in my head all nite....

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Sing it for us, FOH... maybe we'll tell you which one it is :smile:

I can't sing I'm afraid. I could learn how to play the melody on one of my instruments, but if I was gonna go to that much trouble, I might as well just listen to them all. Anyways, it isn't stuck in my head anymore and has been replaced by what is surely "Nights In White Satin", absorbed during my quest to find which song. :headphones:

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I think it might have been fallen a few pages... ;)

and going back through the thread has given me two old earworms

Chan Chan ~ Buena Vista Social Club


Automatic ~ Zoot Woman

(you can find links to the videos on youtube or somewhere up there^^)

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