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I KNEW IT!!! I knew elviz would post THE ONE DAY I didn't come to songfacts!! I bet Murphy has a law like this somewhere

CONGRATULATIONS ELVIZ!!! and MR ELVIZ!! And hello widdle baby!! coochie coochie coo... pls tickle nicholas' cheek from my side with your index finger! And run your hand down the sole of his foot and tell me what his toes do...

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^ I must agree with that. If you sneak around and keep the house quiet, that's the only way Nick is going to sleep. If the house is silent.

Have him used to the tv, normal speaking voices. Everyday sounds when he falls asleep.

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OH WOW!!!! oh wow oh wow oh wow oh wow oh wow oh wow!!!!

congratu-ma-lations!! this is great news! wow, it feels really cool to have known about this little one from the beginning and now he's in the world with us! i love his name nicholas shawn, it's lovely! two of the americans i'd friends with here are nicholas and shawn. and shawn is of irish origin although we irish spell it seán but that would just getting confusing for americans!!

yaaaaaaaaay!! i wish you and your family every happiness!

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Oh, Elvish, what a sweet little thing!!!!!! He´s beautifull... does he look like his mom, his dad, his who??? And is he eating well? And he must smell like heaven...!!!! And now you must have all the house full of those little baby toys and stuff and Mickey Mouse posters etc.!! And everybody must be coming to your home and say "oh, please, let me get him" and "be carefull with the head" and blah blah blah...

thanks for the pictures, he looks great in his jeans jackett...! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Congrats everybody and post when you have time!

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