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Next time!!?? ::

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I love being pregnant, though it hasn't been quite as easy on me as it was on Sim Mama. Morning sickness lasted nearly 3 months! Also, these last few weeks are rough. Other than that, it's been great! It's an amazing experience to have a little person growing inside of you.

And yes, I'm ready for another already! My husband would love a house full, but that isn't gonna happen. :: I told him that provided everything goes well at delivery, as soon as I lose the baby weight we can try again. . .

I must be a glutton for punishment! ::

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Elvish, as other parents here will testify, making your next baby will take stealth, calculated risk-taking and an ability to muffle!

Sounds like you are almost ready to drop, although in each of our pregnancies contractions began a week before, slowed then speeded up, slowed again and so on.

Best of luck to you, your old man and the little'un.

Oh, if your fella can get hold of a hand from a tailor's dummy it will save him much pain, as he can slip it into yours during the proceedings. You won't know, and his won't get crushed or gouged.


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Elvy, I'm with you as far as no induction. Good for you. Little guy will come when he's ready. I always loved being pregnant too. I was lucky, 4 times all with good, happy, and fairly easy(always important)results. I had 2 of my babies naturally, no drugs,blocks, or anything. As natural as possible is always best. I do wish I could up my weight in the pool though. Little guys getting fatter. Here's a tip: I've found that when they seem to be quiet, not moving around so much, the real thing is about to begin. That's my experience anyway!! :: We need an Elvish baby gremlin! :angel:

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Moderator, please! hey! I need to change my guess...! May I? On a second thought, and after thinking about it a lot, I decided I´d change my date to the 5th or the 6th, or maybe even the 7th... No objections, right? :: ::

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Oh man, I should've put my guess in - I never got around to it but I SWEAR it's the 11th! I always pick two weeks past the due date on first babies, they're slow! Well, I can still put a guess in for the time, I'm going with 5:52AM. :thumbsup:

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