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top 10 favorite bands


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Didn´t we already do this?

OK, I´ll go...

1- Rolling Stones

2- Beatles

3- Pink Floyd

4- Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet band

5- Deep Purple

6- Jefferson Airplane

7- REM

8- Nirvana

9- csn AND YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!

10- BigBrother and the Holding Co...

of course, this depends on the mood I´m in...many favourites left... but more or less...

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As a musician I'll only name my top ten inspirational/favorite artists. These are only a very few of my favorites, I really enjoy rock (mostly progressive and classic rock) and classical music the most.

1. Rush

2. U2

3. Dream Theater

4. Don Henley

5. Genesis

6. The Divine Comedy

7. Billy Joel

8. Journey

9. Yes

10. Styx

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Grateful Dead

Led Zeppelin

Rolling Stones

Willie Nelson & Family

Jimi Hendrix (Experience)

SRV & Double Trouble

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Neil Young (with anyone)

Eagles or Allman Brothers. . .can't decide :headphones:

Very nice list Crystal :coolio:

Here's mine:

Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd

Allman Brothers


Stevie Ray Vaughan & DT

The Who

The Stones

Jimi Hendrix Experience

The Eagles


(I actually have a list of my top 100)

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Another year and seems like things haven't changed much. I've discovered a bunch of bands, but these have been my favs for years. In random order:

Pink Floyd

The Beatles


Led Zeppelin

Beastie Boys


The Doors

Sonic Youth

The Damned


The Allman Brothers

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In this thread do a top ten list of your favorite bands (if you can narrow it down!).

1. Nirvana

2. Jimi Hendrix

3. The White Stripes

4. Led Zeppelin

5. AC / DC

6. Guns n' Roses

7. Rage against the machine

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers

9. Metallica

10. Ozzy Ozbourne/Black Sabbath

:guitar: :drummer: :guitar: :headphones: :rockon:

Wow, mine have really changed since then! Well not too much, but still...now the list is

1. Jimi Hendrix

2. Led Zeppelin

3. AC/DC

4. Pink Floyd

5. Black Sabbath/Ozzy

6. Rush

7. Van Halen

8. White Stripes

9. Funkadelic

10. Nirvana

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In order

1.Pink Floyd

2.Led Zeppelin

3.The Who

4.The Doors

5.Neil Young/Buffalo Springfield



8.The Jimi Hendrix Experience

9.The Rolling Stones


11.The Kinks

12.The Red Hot Chili Peppers

13.The Ramones

The Top 10 are probably my top 10, but I couldnt leave out The Kinks, The Ramones, And The Chili peppers. :rockon:

Well, this wasnt that long ago, but ill do another one anyway :D

1. Pink Floyd

2. Led Zeppelin

3. Rush

4. Cream and related (Eric Clapton in General)

5. Neil Young/Buffalo Springfield

6. The Doors

7. The Who

8. The Rolling Stones

9. Manic Street Preachers



12.The Pixies

13. Marillion

The last three are bands that will probably be in my top 10 when i hear more of their stuff. :rockon:

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Heres some of mine at the moment. (in no order)

Led Zeppelin

Jimi Hendrix

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Black Sabbath




Pearl Jam

Pink Floyd

ZZ Top or Allman Brothers (cant decide)

As of now, I would replace AC/DC with Living Colour. Then replace ZZ Top or Allman Bros with Pantera.

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