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whats happening to music

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I don't go much on LP & Jay Z getting together - just doesn't do anything for me. But like Karhul I'm not a big fan of rap - hey at least thats one thing we agree on!

Tim McGraw is :thumbsup:, and the song with Nelly isn't bad, although it would have been better if Tim sang more than Nelly..

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Music is just another language...

I think its pretty cool when 2 accents of that language unite to create something pretty cool.

Unless its Ozzy Osbourne and whoever that did Lets Go..

That was evil.

Yeah why did Ozzy let that guy(whoever it was) use the crazy train riff?

What do you guys think about Jay Z and Linkin Park getting together. I've listened to some of their music and i kind of like it. It's unique. Also Tim McGraw and Nelly. I love that song "It's All In My Head"


Not a big Jay z or a LP fan, but it sounded alright when I heard it the first 4 times, after the 20th time it sort of got old.

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Yeah why did Ozzy let that guy(whoever it was) use the crazy train riff?

ack, that was wretched. i almost fell off my chair when i heard it. i thought to myself "WTF? Ozzy, how could you do it?!?!"

Tim McGraw and Nelly - i hated. flat out plain and simple. i don't think that marriage should have ever happened. and i suppose i wouldn't feel so strongly about it if it wasn't SO OVERPLAYED. i cannot count how many times i have heard this song. it makes me want to vomit, especially because once it's in your head, it gets stuck in there.

as for Linkin Park/Jay Z, i don't have a real opinion, because i don't like either all that much.

as a last thought, i hate much to all of rap/hip-hop of the nowadays. so, you can't expect me to like a collaboration that contains such.

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