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Pina Colada Song comes true - almost

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This makes me wonder - have any other songs come true. I know you can say that Kurt Cobain sang about killing himself and then did it or Brian Johnson sang about drinking and then drank, but how about a song that tells a story, then it plays out in real life.

As reported in the Times-Dispatch:

When Rupert Holmes wrote "Escape," better known as "The Pina Colada Song," he couldn't have guessed he was practically psychic. Or that not all such experiences would end on a lovely beach at sunset.

Bakr Melhem of Jordan spent three months flirting with a married woman through an Internet chat room. When they finally met in person a couple of weeks ago, he recognized his would-be online paramour as his wife, Sanaa.

According to Jordanian news agency Petra, Melhem immediately shouted three times (in Arabic), "I divorce thee!"

His wife called him a liar just before she fainted.

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