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Dark Throne

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Oh oh, now it says that edna11111´s army has I dunno how many citizens... I want to be in the songfacts Alliance! I´ll have to get back tomorrow anyway, they told me to wait another 24 hours... but never mind, we´ll take over!!!!!! :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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We each have our own army, like mine is called Foxy1983.

Individually, we must build our army, so each time someone clicks your link, you get another citizen. This citizen can then be trained by going to Battle >> Training, and selecting how many in each area you want to train. Remember to try and have good number of soldiers, and an equally strong number of guards to defend yourself. Miners can also be trained, and bring it a certain amount of gold each turn.

You can then see how many 'turns' you have, and begin to attack other armies, by going to Battle >> Attack, selecting who you want to attack, make sure they have lots of gold and not a very big army, and see if you win.

The more you win, the more gold you get, which means the more citizens you can train to defend your army and attack other armies.

Remember, if you have made a good attack and pillaged alot of gold, bank 80% of it by going to Structures >> Bank. You can make withdrawals and deposits.

Also remember to provide your army with armour whenever you can, go to Structures >> Armoury.

Each time you go up a level, you gain a Proficiency Point, which can be put towards Offence, Defence, Intelligence, etc. Try to have a good balance of all as soon as possible. Go to Main >> Levels, to allocate these points.

Alliances such as Songfacts are made up of individual armies all fighting for the same cause.

I hope I've explained a little bit for anyone whoe wasn't sure of the game. :) Now back to work...!

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