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This thread is good, I liked reading about people's dream music jobs!

I think that I'd wanna work at a major radio station, I'd have my own show where I would play good music, take requests, run competitions and interview people like Alice Cooper and Dave Davies.

OR I'd like to have Edna's job as a rock journalist :D

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I can't believe I didn't see this thread before???!!!

I'd love to be a singer. Yes, me, a singer :blush:

I love singing, I love songs, I love music, I love performing to a crowd, I really come into my own - for once in my life I am not shy or self-concious, I get out there, and I give you the best show I can!

Heck, that'd be awesome!!!!! :googly:

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I have had a couple of music dream jobs...One is being a DJ, I would love to be able to play great music, and chat about it on the radio...another one was being a singer, not a lead or solo singer, but a back up singer for a rock band, and the last one not so glamorous is just simply working in a music store, chatting with people, giving people my opinions on albums....it doesn't pay much, but would love it!.

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I wanna spend the rest of my life composing music, learning instruments, and studying music (music theory is fascinating sometimes, but really hard). I'm not exactly sure where I want to go with my composing, whether I want to join/form a band, or like do music for films or games.

I also wanna perform in front of people and show off. :P

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I would have said songwriting, but good bands write their own songs.

As tempting as being in a band sounds, I don't think I'd be able to deal with the stress and the unstable career.

My real dream job (which I'm working towards) is editor of a music magazine. I also wouldn't mind being the one behind the scenes... organising shows, directing videos, deciding on playlists... No roadie-ing

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