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I'd be Courtney Cox Dancin' with Bruce, cause baby, I can shake it! I love to dance (not in Gilliann's league by a long shot though).

No seriously I'd love to write lyrics. To have the talent to put feelings into words that are then turned into songs that people carry with them forever? That's giving something to the world. ;)

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I'd like be Gene Simmons mistress :bow: :bow:

Nah just kidding...ummm...maybe I'd like to be his PA? Yeh that's be a good job...organise his schedule...

8am Benita

9am Benita

10am Benita

11am Benita

12noon Benita

1pm Benita

2pm Benita

3pm Benita

4pm Benita

5pm Benita

6pm Benita

(by the way my name is Benita..d'oh)

Of course there's be overtime which is no payment required and anything goes!! :laughing: :laughing:

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Although I must say this as it has bothered me for the past 4 years. IPR (Institute of Production and Recording) opened about 2 years after I graduated from college. They have engineering degrees for audio production/recording along with the business side of things. If that school was around when I started college I would have gone there instead. Then I would have a degree in production/recording and could start my own record label and have all sorts of Midwest bands signed and be living a wonderful life. But instead, all I have are my CD's to listen to.

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I want to be a millionaire. Then I´ll buy a huge holding, edit the best rock and roll magazine and also have a record label. I´d hire all my friends who make music to make records as they want, and also all my writers and journalists friends, to write what they want. They´d be very good payed. I have also artist friends, painters, so I´d buy a MoMA or a Guggenheim, for instance... then a radio station and a TV channel too, and TriStar Pictures, or Disney, or something like that so my family can continue making movies... Ha!!!!! :drummer:

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Oh man. It'd be awesome to have something like that around this area. Nevermind. I'd probably never go to class if there was something that rockin' in this place :headphones: Have you ever been to Amoeba in LA? Suffice to say, it's a music fan's Mecca. I make a pilgrimage every so often. I have to go alone since I can spend almost a whole day there rotating around the store counterclockwise for hours :beatnik: Btw, I hadn't seen you post in a while. Hope the new year has been good or better so far for you as it has been for me ::

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I want to work in the music store in High Fidelity too...but probably for different reasons than you, XXX. ::

I can almost picture myself getting into constant arguments with Jack Black over what "selling-out" means :beatnik: I'm not as hardcore as the owner, though... I still have my collection in alphabetical order =:P

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