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School Prank Gone Wrong!!.


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So a clueless authority figure walks into a crowded room and makes an impassioned speech about woulda, coulda, shoulda, and a real upstanding citizen would come forward with the particulars so the world would be a better place for real upstanding citizens to live in?


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If anyone "rats" on all of you, I'm sure you will get in trouble, because you put the idea in their heads (even though they didn't have to listen to you), and they will get in trouble because they were the perpetrators (the ones who committed the act). So if you all want to stay out of trouble, keep your mouths shut.

Everyone has different opinions and you're gonna hear comments from both sides.

Other posters are calling you a coward and saying to own up and take responsibility. If doing that would help the situation, then I would agree with them, but "ratting" on your friends will not change what has already happened or make the situation any better.

"Ratting" will only punish those who were involved and I believe by learning a valuable lesson you don't need to punish yourself or your friends.

Yes, it was a stupid move and I'm sure you all realize it now, after the fact.

The same thing happened to me when I was young. We sometimes don't realize the consequences of our actions could be serious and taking that chance for a quick laugh isn't worth it.

Laughs should come natural or by minor pranks that cause embarrasment (such as placing a "whoopie cushion" on someone's chair), not by playing pranks that could cause injury if they go wrong.

In my school, we were a strong class. We held our ground and no one "ratted" on anyone. If they did, we taught them a lesson about loyality to your classmates after school. We didn't have to worry about anyone squealing. Even when we were told that the whole class would have to stay for detention if no one came forward, we all stayed together.

This way, the person responsible was punished and even though the rest of us had to take a hit with that person, we never let the school officials know any information. It won't make a difference if they find out or not, so why give in just to satisfy their curiosity and desire to punish the perpeterators.

"Ratting" on someone doesn't change what has already happened. It will only cause your friends to hate you.

Let it be a lesson learned for any future pranks you may think of.

This one is over and done with. Move on! That's my opinion!

Now thats what I like to hear!!. School has changed alot since it changed :doh:. Ratting will get you hurt. People in school now understand, the rest of you don't understand as much because times have changed!!.

You honestly think an entire room full of people are going to keep quiet?

Not all of them. But some people are too stupid and they rat becasue the teacher says its confidential. But no, the class has their ways of getting to know how, and that person will suffer ridicule for a very long time!. If someone does rat, I will say my part, but I will try not to tell. If they keep persisting and threaten to suspend me and the people if they find out later, I will have no other choice. But for now, if they forget about it over the weekend, everyone's happy!!.

I'll keep you all informed over this week.

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from your posts, it sounds like you commited a crime like selling drugsor something! calm down!!! i was always more worried about what my parents would think so as long as i owned up to them, there was nothing to worry about! for example, when i was caught smoking in school, i was very worried cos my parents didnt know, but after they found out, i wasnt really bothered about getting caught

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Never rat. Don´t be a rat.

It´s just children fun at school. I did really worse things and yet I consider myself a very nice person. You´ll laught at this when you remember...

Hope your director has some sense of humour and isn´t a psycho...

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Spot on!!. If somehow I get suspended, then my dad will sell the wrestling tickets to someone!!. And I might not be able to go on the Pc and tell you all about it!!. I probably won't get suspended, but if my parents find out, there will be hell to pay. But if I tell them the truth that it was only my idea they might not mind as much, since I didn't switch the chairs. But the Vice and Principal are actually expecting kids in the class to rat on us 3!!. What a bunch of saps!!.

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She didn't have to listen to me or do what I say!!. Timmy heard her say it out loud, she was hyper after she fell out of the chair.

Oh well, I'm screwed!!!.

F##ked up permanent record, here I come!!.

Dudes... stop being such a neomaxizoomdweebie about this, alright? I did a few things in school that also ended up on MY PERMANENT RECARD :: First things last. You don't have "a small part" in this. You're a co-conspirator - and a funny one, I might add. This was funny, great, and all, but if you feel guilt or remorse and want to do the right thing, then step up and face the music. You don't wanna rat out your friends? Then just tell them your part. If the school punishes you for not turning in the others, then you're gonna have to take the rap for that too. That's what keeping respect amongst your peers is gonna cost ya :beatnik: Then YOU can push the other two around for not fessing up! :rockon:

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i agree with xxx....if you are confronted by the school, you're gonna have to fess up, depending on how much they know also. just remember once you start lying, you get yourself in deeper trouble...if youre not confronted by the school, then relax....and let it go.

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i agree with xxx....if you are confronted by the school, you're gonna have to fess up, depending on how much they know also. just remember once you start lying, you get yourself in deeper trouble...if youre not confronted by the school, then relax....and let it go.

That's exactly what I'm going to do!!. If they forget about it, they forget about it. But if someone rats, I'll spill the beans.


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If you get caught, then take it like a man. You took part in the incident. Do your sentence and get out. There is no need to inform the authorities about others involved. That's their job to investigate; not yours.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Well, at least I won't get in as much trouble as them, it was only my idea, they carried it out.

If I said "Switch the chairs!" and they didn't know one would get in trouble.

If they switched it without me saying anything, they would get in trouble.

So I'm kinda safe.

"Would you jump off a cliff if they told you to?!". That's how it would go if one of them said that I told them to. So I won't get in serious doo doo!!.

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Duh. Actually, I forgot to recommend this most drastic and beautiful action : You dress in full samurai garb, rush into the vice's office, kneel, pull out your sword --- scream "Judith... and onto the Stairway I must climb" !!!" as you slice your guts horizontially... back and forth, back and forth, (now you've got it ! :thumbsup: )... and collapse at the vice's desk. Everyone is astonished and amazed.... and YOU, Karhul, are a LEGEND, lad ! They won't forget you for.... oh... 10...15 years at least !!! :bow:

Happy St. Patrick's Day !!!!

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