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from about.com

The song was named after Mick Fleetwood's nickname for a penis. It's Lindsey's humorous take on love and rock and roll.

from fleetwoodmac.net

So what is "Tusk"? Mick has mentioned that it is his slang word for the male sexual organ. According to the song interpretation on the Penguin, there is much more to the song in terms of rage and emotion. But we must accept, first of all, that Tusk is a reference to part of the male genitalia. Admitting that something contains an overt sexual reference does not mean that we are denying that it has meaning at all. (Let us recall Regina?s profound interpretation of "Slow Dancing".) Tusk contains many layers of meaning; by this we mean both the album and the song.

Lindsey layers meaning like he layers melodies. There is a loud and direct melody from what are probably the second and third brass in the USC Marching Band. Tusk! Lindsey is directly saying (or shouting) that he?s angry, furious with what he?s had to put up with. The woodwinds and the first trumpets layer on a calmer countermelody. Tusk! There?s something covertly funny about this exclamation. The drums pound out a savage-like beat. Real savage-like . . . Tusk! He just wants to go wild. The sound of wind in the background. Tusk! Is anyone listening?

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My high school band director was in the USC band when they made that record/video. He had copies of all of the music the USC band played and that is what we played. They were great arrangements and a lot of fun to play. Some of the songs we played were Heartbreaker, Tusk, Wont Get Fooled Again, Alright Now, Frankenstien and some others I cant remember now (this was almost 20 years ago.)

What were we talking about?

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here are the lyrics in case it helps... It´s written by Lindsey Buckingham (as it ´s been posted before...) so I don´t think Stevie Nicks had to do with it... just sang it...


Written by lindsey buckingham.

Why don?t you ask him if he?s going to stay?

Why don?t you ask him if he?s going away?

Why don?t you tell me what?s going on?

Why don?t you tell me who?s on the phone?

Why don?t you ask him what?s going on?

Why don?t you ask him who?s the latest on his throne?

Don?t say that you love me!

Just tell me that you want me!

Tusk! tusk! tusk! tusk!

Tusk! tusk! tusk! tusk!

Tusk! tusk! tusk! tusk!

Tusk! tusk! tusk! tusk!


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